Saturday, February 12, 2011

INTERNATIONAL NEWS: End of Murtabak era

President of Egypt, Mubarak has finally handed over his power of governing the country of 80 million people to his deputy after furious waves of protest from the people of the country. He finally bowed to the pressure from the protesters and ended his 30 year of one man rule. It is further promised that there will be guaranteed free and fair elections and other concessions made by Mubarak. Delighted Egyptians celebrated the stepped down of the president in carnival mood on the streets and most of them sobbed for joy. They thought that the nightmare is finally over and they can see bright days again!

The series of protests had raised a massive amount of fear of uncontrolled violence in Egypt and it finally comes to an end, indeed it should be the joy for every people out there. For me, a country means happiness, freedom and peace in the nation. I wish Egypt's population will have a better future as they have live past in 30 years under horrible circumstances.

LOCAL NEWS: Wise decision for anti valentine's ?

Jakim has launched an anti-Valentine's Day, indicating that this celebration has several elements of Christinaity and the practice contains immoral acts and it contradicts the belief and Islamic morality. Therefore, this celebration has been prohibited by Islam that Muslims should not engage in celebrating the day. Christians authorities have mentioned that this inferences have hurt their religions and that Jakim has actually suggested to the public that Christianity promotes sexual promiscuity and relate them to sins. PAS youth also said to have police closely work with them on Valentine's day in Kedah, Kelantan and Selangor to have immorality checks, where Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, a Malay politician said this action is rather extreme.

I was quite surprised by this news and statements by Jakim. I personally feel that this is a ridiculous joke and somehow a great misunderstanding between Islam and Christianity has deepen. Valentine's day , from what i have known, is a day that are celebrated by all people in the world, regardless of the religions, ethnicity and race. However, while they have to make it clear that the ban and prohibition for Muslims to celebrating it, i feel sympathy with part of the struggled Muslims. It is a special day but because of their religions they have to stop celebrating it. Nevertheless, this is within the matter of religion and people shall not negatively comment so much at this point and respect what other religion has practiced.

Friday, February 4, 2011

INTERNATIONAL NEWS: Yasi doubles up the damage in Queensland

Category 5 Cyclone Yasi has been the one of the most intense and destructive cyclone happens in Australia. After the deadliest flood the victims have encountered, here comes the Cyclone Yasi that leave the residents in Queensland no time to relief and rest. More than 400 thousand of people live in the cyclone's path, from the cities of Carins, Townsville and Mackay. The cyclone and the storm that are too overwhelming made a massive damage to the state and the country.

It is very saddening to see that people in Queensland suffer a series of natural disasters that they can do nothing to avoid from it. Their homes are destroyed, their families are either missing or dead, they could do nothing but to pray and stay at the safest place they could. Natural disasters are the scariest murderer of all the things, as it just came out of no where and out of the blue. The world is facing a huge environmental problem. No doubt, it is everyone's responsibility to take care of our planet.

LOCAL NEWS: It goes the festive season

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, happiness and preparation is everywhere. But residents from Johor encounter the worst Chinese New Year they will ever have. Floodwaters has intruded a number of towns in Johor, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang, Malacca and Sabah, but Johor has the worst hit. The situation has not improved but deteriorated as days towards the festive seasons near. A number of victims have been killed by this terrible flood and more than 50 thousands of victims need to be evacuated to relief centres.

We have long heard of how the doomsday will be visiting us real soon. Each authorities have tried to execute plans to save our environment and mother earth, however i think it is about how everyone in this planet unites together in one and make some efforts to save ourselves. Natural disasters are everywhere now, and its getting weirder and frequent. It is important to keep alert that our only home, earth is dying and need our efforts and care to protect it; to the governments and countries: environment protection should be enforced.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Macau casino billionaire Stanley Ho accused his family for possessing his shares in his business empire without his consent, and leaving him with 'almost nothing'. Later, Stanley Ho, the chairman of Macau's biggest casino operator, SJM Holdings, went on television to inform that he would not sue and he wanted to resolve the matter with his family privately. Since the establishment of his casino business, he had been working very hard and has little time to spend with his family. Without the great relationship with his family, what he gets today is actually what he did not treasure in the past.

For almost every man that i have known out there, is trying very hard to earn wealth and power. Some of them work very hard, neglecting their families back at home 'surviving' themselves and do not maintain quality time to spend with their family. The absence of the father in the house can cause bitterness in the family. I was neglected by my father since i was young, and until now I feel that we are still maintaining at a great distance. I guess every child wish their parents be there for them every time they need them. I wish, being a father would also spend times with their children to increase the bond with them.

Friday, January 28, 2011

LOCAL NEWS: Action or Curses? Do louder for animals in the future?

A recent commotion has been raised as the 15 minutes video of dog abuse were scattered around Facebook. Massive number of angry voices have mobilized each media, authority and organization to impose their actions towards the culprits. Fifteen police reports have been lodged against two people who are possibly involved in the dog abuse. SPCA from both Malaysia and Singapore are thoroughly hunting for the two person involved in the video. Curses and castigations from the angry crowd have severely expressed all around the Facebook, Twitter and blogs. People are getting more conscious about animal welfare and wellbeing; Organizations are performing more and more towards the concern of animal abuse.

We have been living in a country that does not remarkably promote family affection towards animals, especially pets in this situation. Islam practice that forbids keeping of a dog makes Malaysia actually lacking of right responsibility and care towards pet. They suggest that dogs are naajis which means impure and unclean, and without the right education of loving the animals, i guess this is how our society has shaped the people's ways of treating animals.

However, what I am really concerned is actually how did the sympathetic people response to the situation? Vulgar comments were voiced out by these so called vigilantes, while some of them were trying very hard to identify the alleged person but leads to a couple of cases of innocent blames. Innocents were accused of involving in the video, and were consistently disturbed by those so called guardians. These situations certainly created chaos on the society, and I guess, in a more serious tone, declining the standards of civilization of Malaysia.

What happen has happened, I believe besides accusing and cursing the culprits, there are more methods of helping out the situation, for example volunteering in helping for animals' welfare organizations to avoid more similar cases happen.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

INTERNATIONAL NEWS: Flood remains, huge devastation

Brisbane’s flood in Australia has been a big hit since December, including this week. Flood started off during December 2010 while residents could not merrily enjoy their Christmas and New Year. More than 4,000 people now have evacuated their homes in north-central Victoria State, with more than 70 towns devastated by rising waters. Rescue teams and methods have been executed from time to time, to ensure the minimization of the loss and damage that can cause to the local. Brisbane and part of Victoria has then deteriorated to a vast territory underwater with a big mess to be cleaned off.

From what I have known, only a few countries have offered to help Australia on its huge catastrophe. I think it is the world’s responsibility to help out our neighborhood. We are all living under the hood of earth, and we shall help each other on their hard times. However, there are not many responses from each country that I can acknowledge for now. We still see celebrities’ scandals and paparazzi dominating the media platform nowadays. People seem to care about how the stars doing than rather concerning of how are the victims’ conditions. I think that authorities all around the world should make use of the media power and produce something more meaningful to help the casualty, which I wish by uniting men power can diminish the destruction at its maximum rapidly.